Tuesday, July 8, 2008

UPDATED: Stuck on Chic Batik Card

I decided last night to play with a new technique and created this batik paper. I want to have this be the highlight of the card. It's a birthday card so I decided to use the sentiment "Celebrate!"

I love how the batik paper turned out but I'm just stuck as it doesn't look finished or special. Maybe I need to scallop the light rose border around the paper? I'd love everyone's suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATED 07/23/08:

I finally decided that I had to let go of this card and finish it off. I've spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much time agonizing over the design of this one little card...the recipient's birthday was weeks ago and I ended up making her another card.

(Sorry about the change in lighting. ) I tried a darker paper in back of the batik paper, a lighter color, white and nothing popped out at me. I liked Paula's suggestion of popping out a flower but I honestly couldn't figure out how to do it (love to hear more on how you would do it with the mulberry paper) so I ended up creating a new layout and adding eyelets. All I can say is that it's done. After agonizing over this for 3 weeks, I think it's time to start something new.

I still have another piece of this batik paper so if you have suggestions, keep'em coming.

Thanks again!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Show Us What You Did!

Hey, Ladies! I would love to see what you changed, if anything, based on the comments you received on your posts. Please show us what you did by posting an updated photo of your creations! That's part of the fun! ;-) Thanks!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ribbon winner

Ladies- thanks for the creative art and critique for the month of June.

As promised, each artist who posted artwork in June was entered into a drawing for a custom selected ribbon grab bag.

The winner is:

Sue Daly

Congratulations Sue!

Please send me an e-mail:
alces.alces at g m a i l dot com