Friday, October 23, 2009

Does this need something more?

So this is my first submission to this blog and I'm really hoping someone is still around :) Please be gentle.

I've made this card for a swap with the requirement that the colours used be only pink and black. It's one of those cards that grew as it went along and is nothing like the card I originally planned. The main background is alcohol ink. (I don't know if it's my scanner or my monitor but the pink does not seem to have reproduced well - it's quite strong & looks fine.)

Overall I'm not too unhappy about how it turned out. The swirl didn't stamp very well but I'm more concerned about the layout and if it is balanced. I think it needs something on the left but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Actually any suggestions at all for any part of the card would be welcome.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Updated post

I updated my "Should I throw this away" post below. Please let me know if I am on the right track. Thanks!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A beautiful card is lurking here somewhere... (and AFTER)

This card (at least the pieces of it) has been sitting on my worktable for a few days. I used scraps of some Colorbok paper that were laying around my work area. I really like the 3 squares concept but I think my layout is off. I tried it with 1 square each in the 2 left corners being centered by the 3rd square but I didn't really like that either.

Does the circle work? I thought it highlighted the greeting a bit but I'm open to ideas.

FYI The actual card is a white base, the peach layer behind it is a manilla folder I put the card on to take the photo. Don't worry- even I wouldn't use peach with those colors!

All comments appreciated. I learn so much reading your critiques.

Here is the final card. It didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned it but I like the 4 large squares. I'll need to experiment again with that type of layout.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Should I Just Throw This Away? - UPDATED 4/29

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I started out sewing on a die-cut piece of turquoise card stock, then I decided I'd had enough, so I cut off the one side that was stitched, and then it went downhill from there.

First I took a scrap of textured yellow card stock and punched it with a border punch. Then I added the yellow die-cut piece behind the turquoise. Then I looked for a scrap with yellow and blue in it, and I found that patterned piece of tissue paper. Then I added the Groovy Guava patterned paper to try and pull out the orange in the piece, and I mounted the whole thing on a piece of Basic Gray.

Then I rested.

Here is the piece next to a card so you can see the relative size of the thing.

So what do you think? Should I put it out of its misery and just throw it away? or does it have at least one redeeming quality? And if you think it DOES have a redeeming quality, would you please tell me what it is?

I thank you.

Update 4/29:

Thank you for all the suggestions. You were, of course, correct in thinking the yellow was WRONG, so it has been removed to the circular file. Is this one any better? (Personally, I think the blue in that paper is wrong for the turquoise stitched piece ...)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Help Me Help Me Help Me She cried...

Isn't this a line in a kids song? Anyways, I need help. I cannot figure out how to finish this card. I'm not totally enamoured with the large flower to start with. Not sure if it is the coloring or what.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comments Please! Updated 02/26

Thanks for your comments. I've been playing around a bit...what do you think?

The leaves are crudely stuck in and can easily be removed.

This blog needs a little attention and affection AND I need your help. There's something missing or ??? with this card.

(sorry for the bad photo but it was dark when I took the photo and even darker you all use a photo light box?)

What are your thoughts and suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

And Here It is!!!

I used the waxed paper resist technique to create the background. This was my first time with this technique and it is so easy. (My mind is spinning on the possibilities of modifying this technique!)

Thank you all for your input (yup, ribbon is possible, isn't it, Leslie!) and thanks Paula for this layout. I love it!

And I want to try adding gold edging around another card sometime too Elizabeth. I have another masculine birthday card around the beginning of the year.

Thanks again!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Masculine Birthday

I took your original design and did a bit of tweaking. I hope it is o.k. It is just easier for me to take the original and make a card to see if I can work with it. I do not have the stamp set you used but tried to keep the elements about the same size. I did change the card from Horizontal to Vertical to start with because it just was not working for me.

The major change was more layers. It seemed that helped the focal point to stand out more.

I did use retired designer paper because I wanted the brown color, could use any patterned roller wheel to get the same background coverage or something like the canvas, twill or polka dot background stamp. That will give the card some added texture. I also added ribbon. Chocolate Chip ribbon right down the middle just adds more texture. I purposely did not add a bow. I put your focal point at the top of the card and left room for the sentiment on the bottom. I used the ticket corner punch like you did as I like the effect you gave your card. Really the only thing I did different was add more layers and put the sentiment onto a different piece of cardstock. I like your card and really there is nothing wrong with it. I just had to play.....LOL! In fact, you card forced me to do something as I have had a stamp block for the last two days, did not even want to pick up a stamp. Thanks for helping me get energized again. Rubber Hugs, Paula

Friday, November 21, 2008

Masculine Birthday Card Assistance Needed

Fellow stampers, I need your help!!!! My neighbor (who's close to 82 and a delight) purchases custom cards from me and wanted one for her 25-year-old grandson's birthday. She likes very traditional-type cards and wasn't overly fond of my "Lovely as a Tree" designs in the past so I decided to stretch myself a bit. I think I overdid it and now have need of a bit of some assistance as I cannot stretch my poor brain any further.

She ended up taking this one as she said that he would be much more interested in what was inside the card (a check) than the card itself and so was "happy" with it. I'll say "happy" as she didn't gush over it but when I said that it was only partially done when we were having tea one afternoon and showed it to her, she told me to consider it finished as he would be happier to see the check. I have to admit that her telling me that he would be more interested in the contents than the card took some of the joy out of making it but I'm still thinking about it and want your opinions on how I can improve it. I'll make another with your suggestions and keep it available for another masculine birthday which we all know will occur sooner or later!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to finish this card

I like this background and I like the chocolate cupcake. What should I do for the birthday sentiment?
Large Circle?
Any ideas appreciated- this has been sitting on my stamp table for a week.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

UPDATED - YIKES! He's Backing Into the Driveway...

And his birthday card isn't finished. Believe it or not, my husband's birthday is today and here I was without a card this morning. Fortunately, he went running with his buddies before I woke up and since they were running a 13-mile route (yes, THIRTEEN), I had some time. Turns out that I didn't have enough though as I couldn't figure out how to put the sentiment on. I finally just slapped it on as he was walking in the door.

How can I fix it? Yes, I thought about ribbon, Leslie, but only have 5/8" chocolate chip grosgrain and none of the bows I tried worked. I did have a thought a second ago...maybe natural hemp. I still don't know how to best layer/make the sentiment...HELP!

Thanks to your comments, I've come up with this version.

I'm still not 100% about the shape of the sentiment (feel free to add input as I learn so much from everyone's comments) but I do like this version.

Thank you!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Help Baby My Card Layout! (updated 9-19)

Updated 9-19-08
I actually finished the card last week and my husband sent the gift today. No big rush... the baby was born 8-30.

I ended up getting rid of the scallop but I lightened up the carriage, brightened it up by adding more DP and while this is by far my favorite card of all time... I'm ok with it ;)

I really like the scallop with the carriage. I have tried this layout 2 different ways but I really don't like either. Is it that the large panel is too overpowering? I just don't know what is wrong so I'm asking the experts (or people who think they are experts!)