Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Show Us What You Did!

Hey, Ladies! I would love to see what you changed, if anything, based on the comments you received on your posts. Please show us what you did by posting an updated photo of your creations! That's part of the fun! ;-) Thanks!

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Brenda said...

Hi Leslie,

I have to admit that I didn't change a thing on my last card based upon the comments I received. I was intrigued by your comment though about dying white grosgrain. In my experience, dying white grosgrain with markers hasn't been a success as they've faded over a couple of weeks. I've read that dying them by soaking them in reinker ink is better as it completely saturates the ribbon and thus is more fade resistant. I'm eager to hear of your and others' experiences. Can you use markers on white grosgrain and make it fade-resistant?


P.S. I agree that we should all do some sort of follow-up to show what we changed or just to say that we didn't change a thing!