Sunday, November 30, 2008

And Here It is!!!

I used the waxed paper resist technique to create the background. This was my first time with this technique and it is so easy. (My mind is spinning on the possibilities of modifying this technique!)

Thank you all for your input (yup, ribbon is possible, isn't it, Leslie!) and thanks Paula for this layout. I love it!

And I want to try adding gold edging around another card sometime too Elizabeth. I have another masculine birthday card around the beginning of the year.

Thanks again!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Masculine Birthday

I took your original design and did a bit of tweaking. I hope it is o.k. It is just easier for me to take the original and make a card to see if I can work with it. I do not have the stamp set you used but tried to keep the elements about the same size. I did change the card from Horizontal to Vertical to start with because it just was not working for me.

The major change was more layers. It seemed that helped the focal point to stand out more.

I did use retired designer paper because I wanted the brown color, could use any patterned roller wheel to get the same background coverage or something like the canvas, twill or polka dot background stamp. That will give the card some added texture. I also added ribbon. Chocolate Chip ribbon right down the middle just adds more texture. I purposely did not add a bow. I put your focal point at the top of the card and left room for the sentiment on the bottom. I used the ticket corner punch like you did as I like the effect you gave your card. Really the only thing I did different was add more layers and put the sentiment onto a different piece of cardstock. I like your card and really there is nothing wrong with it. I just had to play.....LOL! In fact, you card forced me to do something as I have had a stamp block for the last two days, did not even want to pick up a stamp. Thanks for helping me get energized again. Rubber Hugs, Paula

Friday, November 21, 2008

Masculine Birthday Card Assistance Needed

Fellow stampers, I need your help!!!! My neighbor (who's close to 82 and a delight) purchases custom cards from me and wanted one for her 25-year-old grandson's birthday. She likes very traditional-type cards and wasn't overly fond of my "Lovely as a Tree" designs in the past so I decided to stretch myself a bit. I think I overdid it and now have need of a bit of some assistance as I cannot stretch my poor brain any further.

She ended up taking this one as she said that he would be much more interested in what was inside the card (a check) than the card itself and so was "happy" with it. I'll say "happy" as she didn't gush over it but when I said that it was only partially done when we were having tea one afternoon and showed it to her, she told me to consider it finished as he would be happier to see the check. I have to admit that her telling me that he would be more interested in the contents than the card took some of the joy out of making it but I'm still thinking about it and want your opinions on how I can improve it. I'll make another with your suggestions and keep it available for another masculine birthday which we all know will occur sooner or later!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to finish this card

I like this background and I like the chocolate cupcake. What should I do for the birthday sentiment?
Large Circle?
Any ideas appreciated- this has been sitting on my stamp table for a week.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

UPDATED - YIKES! He's Backing Into the Driveway...

And his birthday card isn't finished. Believe it or not, my husband's birthday is today and here I was without a card this morning. Fortunately, he went running with his buddies before I woke up and since they were running a 13-mile route (yes, THIRTEEN), I had some time. Turns out that I didn't have enough though as I couldn't figure out how to put the sentiment on. I finally just slapped it on as he was walking in the door.

How can I fix it? Yes, I thought about ribbon, Leslie, but only have 5/8" chocolate chip grosgrain and none of the bows I tried worked. I did have a thought a second ago...maybe natural hemp. I still don't know how to best layer/make the sentiment...HELP!

Thanks to your comments, I've come up with this version.

I'm still not 100% about the shape of the sentiment (feel free to add input as I learn so much from everyone's comments) but I do like this version.

Thank you!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Help Baby My Card Layout! (updated 9-19)

Updated 9-19-08
I actually finished the card last week and my husband sent the gift today. No big rush... the baby was born 8-30.

I ended up getting rid of the scallop but I lightened up the carriage, brightened it up by adding more DP and while this is by far my favorite card of all time... I'm ok with it ;)

I really like the scallop with the carriage. I have tried this layout 2 different ways but I really don't like either. Is it that the large panel is too overpowering? I just don't know what is wrong so I'm asking the experts (or people who think they are experts!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Need help with this

I made this card for You Know You Rock's Metal challenge. I am not sure if I really like it.
What do you think it needs done to it or taken away?

You can see a little more about it at

Thank you
Sue Daly

Edited Post- 08/29/08 Ok, I took the comments that I received on the original card which is the one in the bottom right hand corner and came up with the other three versions. Please tell me which one you like the best or should I try again. Note: This is all done before breakfast and I am now really hungry :).

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

UPDATED: Stuck on Chic Batik Card

I decided last night to play with a new technique and created this batik paper. I want to have this be the highlight of the card. It's a birthday card so I decided to use the sentiment "Celebrate!"

I love how the batik paper turned out but I'm just stuck as it doesn't look finished or special. Maybe I need to scallop the light rose border around the paper? I'd love everyone's suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATED 07/23/08:

I finally decided that I had to let go of this card and finish it off. I've spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much time agonizing over the design of this one little card...the recipient's birthday was weeks ago and I ended up making her another card.

(Sorry about the change in lighting. ) I tried a darker paper in back of the batik paper, a lighter color, white and nothing popped out at me. I liked Paula's suggestion of popping out a flower but I honestly couldn't figure out how to do it (love to hear more on how you would do it with the mulberry paper) so I ended up creating a new layout and adding eyelets. All I can say is that it's done. After agonizing over this for 3 weeks, I think it's time to start something new.

I still have another piece of this batik paper so if you have suggestions, keep'em coming.

Thanks again!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Show Us What You Did!

Hey, Ladies! I would love to see what you changed, if anything, based on the comments you received on your posts. Please show us what you did by posting an updated photo of your creations! That's part of the fun! ;-) Thanks!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ribbon winner

Ladies- thanks for the creative art and critique for the month of June.

As promised, each artist who posted artwork in June was entered into a drawing for a custom selected ribbon grab bag.

The winner is:

Sue Daly

Congratulations Sue!

Please send me an e-mail:
alces.alces at g m a i l dot com

Friday, June 27, 2008

Easy Embrace Life Card


I love the simple card you did, but you gave me a big challenge.... needing a simple card....I had not done this in ages so....

just for the fun of it..... I challenged my self to use mostly white card stock with one other color. I only used markers. The flower is colored with Apricot Appeal then I used close to cocoa for the stem. I did cheat a bit and used my aqua painter to dab Groovy guava ink from the pad onto the flower. I scored the bottom of the card three times at 1/2" intervals then added flower brads. You could add ribbon instead, they were already out so I used them. is my challenge to everyone else. Make a card with a white background and one color card stock. Only use one embellishment and markers to color your images. Use the stamp set Embrace Life. Lets give Brenda lots of ideas to send off to her cousin. Thanks for playing along. Paula

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Advice Needed on Simple Birthday Card

I'd like to make a simple birthday card for a cousin who is just starting to stamp. She recently purchased the SU Embrace Life stamp set and a full set of markers. She doesn't have much colored cardstock so my thought was to make a card with a white background.

I apologize for the coordinating background but it just faded into the white background when I used that. I can retake the photo with a black background if that will help.

It is difficult to see but I used a Regal Rose Marker to edge all around the card as well as sponging around the main image. It's been so long since I've done a simple card that I'm having trouble deciding if I'm done or if it needs something else.

What is everyone's opinion? Thank you in advance for your ideas!

Soda can Embellishment- bare or leave alone

Hello there, I am Susan Daly and I am new to Stamping Critique. This is my first post.
I made this card for Card Positioning System's weekly sketch. My main focus in this card was the oval embellishment that I made out of a soda can. I wanted to highlight how the embellishment turned out.
My question is should I add more to this card or leave it alone. It may look a bit bare.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's Wrong With This Card? - Update Last (Thanks!)

I thought this would work, but I am not liking it much right now. What's wrong with it? Should I lose the tan patterned strip? Is it the wrong ribbon (the only one I had that was not red + white-white)? Should I not emboss the sentiment? Should I lose the glitter spots? Does it need some more off-white somewhere? WHAT?! Sigh ....

Thanks in advance...

Love the ideas, ladies! Keep 'em coming! I firmly believe in baby steps, and when possible I only like to change one thing at a time. First up is making the eagle pop a little more.

I really like the idea, though I do not think my execution is on the mark. I think I'll lose (or narrow) the tan strip next. I still believe it needs some more white ... somewhere .... maybe ... oooh, maybe some white glitter instead of red? I'll sleep on this and try again tomorrow. Thanks for the help!!!

Here we are again! I broke my own rules and changed two things: I added the white layer behind the blue and I changed the ribbon. I decided to leave the tan patterned paper since the ribbon was not so much of a contrast any more. I might go back and trim the white layer to match the blue scallops ...

I think it is MUCH better, and on its way to being an okay card. :-)

Do you think the sentiment is passable now? I was going to try either leaving it off entirely so the card could be used for any occasion, or maybe using my Cuttlebug Olivia alphabet to do the sentiment instead of stamping it. I may also lose the red glitter gunk and replace it with clear Stickles.

Thanks, as always, for the great feedback!

I've decided not to bore you with all the in-between steps that have happened since the previous post, and just show you this last version; and I think I like it.

I trimmed the bottom of the white layer, and I like it better. I tried to use the Olivia alphabet for the sentiment, but it was wider than the whole card, so I opted for what you see here. I also covered up the red glitter spots with clear glitter Stickles.

Thanks for all of your great suggestions! It really helped me see beyond the idea in my head and make it better. :-)

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Kristin, I used your wonderful card as a guideline.
I did not have the same stripe paper and I was to lazy to go in the other room to get the same stamp out, but....I did use your card as my guideline.

Since the rub-ons were hard to see on my striped paper I took them off. First, I put the stripe paper onto a solid color piece of card stock (you can just barely see the Wild Wasabi behind the striped paper). I then added a different piece of designer paper with the same colors to break up the middle of the card. It is mounted on Pumpkin Pie. I then added the flower and since I did not want to go digging for a big brad, I used an eyelet. I stuck it on a piece of pumpkin pie scalloped card stock because it did not stand out enough like your pretty flower with the white edge. I stamped happy birthday, and mounted it in the middle of the second piece of designer series paper to break it up a bit. I added the ribbon and just tied a knot. A ribbon slider would accomplish the same thing. I then added the three orange brads to fill some of the empty space. I loved your layout, I just added too it. You are on the right tract and I like what you did, I just went one step farther by filling in some of the middle.

Rubber Hugs, Paula

Need something??

I whipped this up quickly yesterday after a serious lack of stamping, and hoping something would just come to me. Sometimes I can stamp like that successfully and sometimes I can't. I'm not sure this time. I like it, but wondering if it needs a little something else?? Another sentiment?? Thanks for your help!

Monday, June 2, 2008

One time only special offer

To stimulate growth on this blog we are running a drawing from 6/1/08 - 6/30/08. Anyone who posts artwork to be critiqued will have their name entered into a drawing for a grab bag of ribbon. I live near the Offray ribbon outlet and I can stuff many ROLLS (as in 1 yard to 6 yards) of ribbon into a mailer. Ribbon is light and I'll open this up to our international friends as well. Leslie (my co-moderator) and I are not eligible to win, but we are allowed to post to the blog during the contest

Our goal is for this blog to have 1 new piece of artwork posted per week. Help us meet that goal- sharpen your artwork and your critique skills.

I know personally, I learn a lot from reading the critiques- it can be very helpful to hear why something isn't working!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Help Needed on Wedding Card - Take 2

Hi Everyone!

I am trying to make this wedding card using the SU To Have and To Hold stamp set and I'm stuck.

The card stock is Bashful Blue and Whisper White and I have heat embossed the sentiment in white. It's difficult to see but I've also heat embossed the pair of hearts from the stamp set randomly on the background in white and started to put some glitter on the gown. I'm thinking of adding more glitter to the gown but it still seems to be lacking something. I'm also wondering if the sentiment pops enough.

Thanks in advance for your always-helpful comments!


UPDATED 04/30/08:

Sorry that I seemd to have dropped off the face of the earth but as I'm sure you all find...there are just not enough hours in the day. This is a just-because card and not a I-need-it-now card so it fell to the bottom of the heap. I took your advice on the ribbon and this is the first version.

And Jolie, I like your idea of taking the couple off entirely. I'll post it when I do have time to make it.

Thanks to everyone! (And keep your comments coming if you see something on this card that you would add or change!).

Monday, March 31, 2008

Now What? - Takes 3 & 4

I've made this much of the card so far, and all it's got is potential. I think. When I am faced with a busy background like this, I freeze. I am really bad at collage-y things, too, probably for the same reason.

Any ideas for a sentiment? No sentiment? Wha?

Thanks in advance!

Update: I loved the idea of a coffee theme!!! I had this sentiment out (er, not put away yet), and I used the coffee cup from part of an A Muse image.

I used the blue for matting the sentiment to try and pull that color out a little. Do you think it also needs a layer of green before the brown?

I also really liked the idea of chipboard letters, but all of mine are as big as the card, so I opted to not use them.;-) I'll just file that idea away for another time!

Too much? Too little? Maybe some brads in the top corners?

Update Last:

For this version I added a green layer, and Ithink I like this one much better than the previous one.

Then I went a little crazy. I do not have a big coffee cup, but since I liked the idea of the sentiment on the cup, I tried to make one. I think if I leave off the silly line (my attempt to define the top of the cup), it will work.

Any final thoughts? Wanna vote? :-)

Thanks, as usual, for all your input!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Color Help Needed

I have been practicing shading with watercolor markers.

I need ideas for color palettes for this stamp. I can't tell if I just don't like the image or if it has potential if I picked colors that were harmonious.

This project has a ton of detail work and

I do think it's beautiful but it still needs something to finishi it off...I made it long ago but was not impressed with the results so I put it away and it has been sitting idle with no home to give it love...So sad!

Give me some ideas if you will...TIA

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

{ I am so sorry!! }

Just wanted to apologize to everyone for the personal post. Something very strange with blogger today. I posted on my personal blog...then read it afterward, on my personal blog...and now was informed that it was on Stamping Critique! Again, I am is gone now. :0)

Monday, February 18, 2008

I Need Your Help!

What does this card need? I was thinking of putting something white on the bottom middle/right? Does it need anything or should I just leave my hands off of it?
It just feels like there is something missing.
Its hard to tell as the base card is Whisper White card stock. I then layered Sofst Sky then Designer Series paper. I placed the White taffeta ribbon around the card then added the sentiment stamped in Soft Sky onto Whisper White then punched out with the scallop punch. This was layered onto soft sky then whisper white. Does it need anything else????? Thanks for your help. Paula.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Playing with Stuck Again sketch

To Stuck Again. I hope you do not mind me playing with your sketch. I really liked the basic layout so I just played around with it and this is what I came up with.
I added the turquoise eyelets to the upper right area so it did not look so bare. I actually could have gone with more white rubons but I did not think they would show up enough.
I used a stripe paper for the center of the card in the same family and just backed it with certainly celery card stock. I used scissors to notch the corners. I then used the scallop punch on tempting turquoise and 1-1/4" circle for the center. You can stamp just about anything in it. I needed a get well card so that is what I stamped. I should of sponged around the white circle but I had already stuck it down.
I hope you don't mind my creative license with your sketch. Happy Stamping, Paula

Stuck, again ... UPDATED!

I almost always get stuck at this point in the card-making process. I see pretty paper, and I see the SU colors in it, and I put them together. Perfect match! Now what?

Actually, this is all SU stuff, so of course it was a perfect match! But I have no idea what to do with it now. I could look at it for a week, but then I thought I'd solicit ideas from all of you! :-)

Please ignore that mangled corner. I tried white rub-ons - failed. I tried folding it up to hid the rub-ons - not too excited about that. I punched a notched corner in the folded part ... See? I need HELP!!! All ideas will be warmly received!

Update: I humbly ask you to a lot of pretending here...pretend there is no extra hole in the top corner...pretend the brads are not retired...and pretend the bottom corner is not still mangled.

Thanks to Paula I got a clue, and I went with her idea! I really like the idea of mixing the patterned papers, and I took her idea of the scallop and substituted two Sale-A-Bration sets in its place. I think when I re-do this I'll use the Teal instead of Turquoise for the scallop.

Thanks for the suggestions! What do you think?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Way late update on my Christmas cards

I couldn't figure out how to edit the original post on this card so I just started a new post.

I appreciate you all so much for your comments on my Christmas card. I was under a huge time crunch to get them done and ended up making 137 Christmas cards in a period of 5 days. Whew!!
So I did try some with a darker blue and it was okay but I really liked the contrast of the Heavenly Blue against the black. On many of the cards I added a red sparkle to the circle snowflake and that looked really nice too. But I didn't have enough red to complete all of them. So the majority of them went out like this. Not my best effort but I finished them in time! Now on to Valentine day cards! But I just have a few of those to make. ; - )
P.S. I started a blog of my own. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Stuck, again - updated (twice)

Here I am again - stuck. This card was inspired by some wallpaper I saw, and I made that the background of the card. I added the twill and top image, but aside from a sentiment - I need input on that one, too! - what does this need?

Update: Here it is with a sentiment:

I liked the suggestion of a ribbon (instead of the twill), but alas, SU does not have a Sage Shadow ribbon, and inking up the white with Sage Shadow came out too dark. Bummer.

I think I will leave it like this for now. Thanks for the feedback!

Update #2: Oooh, Happy Anniversary - I like that! I will post this with a picture of the wallpaper on my blog either tonight or tomorrow night so you can see what sent me down this path. :-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

OMG, I must be tired!

Sorry, forgot to attach my picture! Duh, then I, of course, could not figure out how to edit... here goes:

ETA: Thanks for the suggestions. I will try it without the jumbo eyelet and replace with brads. Should I do ALL the circles in stripes? Fewer circles? Also, I will try the jumbo eyelet on the slit punch sometime to see if it works on the paper. That was a great idea someone had. I think I'll save that for another project though so I can SAVE my jumbo brads instead of using them all up for my SAS! Thanks again!

Jumbo eyelet or what??

Hello ladies! Here is a card I have planned for an upcoming Birthday Bonanza Stamp-a-Stack. I am happy with the overall design, but am unsure of the jumbo eyelet. I wouldn't mind leaving it off since I will use up every one but 2 if I leave it (8 people times 3 cards each). However, I think I would like it better with ribbon knotted in it, but that would probably be too much with the ribbon below which I'm not sure I want to give up. Should I just remove it? Or do you like it better than the ribbon below? I've considered a few brads in a row up there instead... I've posted on SCS and not gotten any feedback whatsoever. I know you gals aren't shy so take it away...........

Friday, January 11, 2008

What does this need? (updated 01/12)

I do not mean to compete with Heather's post, but while she is off pondering whether to keep the paisley or not, I finished assembling this card I made for the SCS Faux Silk challenge, and, well, it's not quite right.

The details: The white piece is the Faux Silk part. The Sage Shadow card base has the Floral Background stamped on it. The flowers were colored with Sage Shadow and Pale Plum markers on the stamp, so they are the same colors as the card stock, but they came out darker - I find the markers usually do. That little green line in the bottom left of the white piece is the end of another flower's stem, just unfortunately located. I stole the punch and ribbon-weave thing from Nicole Heady's card sample.

Any ideas?

Update 01/12: Last night I tried the Basic Gray Taffeta ribbon, then I looked at it. This morning I added the Basic Gray under-layer and I like it better.

Edited to keep from boring you with my indecision, but these are two versions I made on the way to my final one.

Update 01/12 7 pm EST: I am done! I decided more is more so I ended up with this:

Thanks for all the feedback!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is this layout too busy? (updated 1/13/08)

I am playing with the layout of my card before I stamp images (in the white circle and maybe a sentiment layered in the bottom section). I am horrible at mixing patterns- is this too busy? All of the papers are from the same collection so they are coordinated but I'm just not sure if I am going in the right direction... help

Update: 1/12/08
I listened and you were right- the bandanna panel had to go! Although I loved using a circle for the focal point, a square worked better in the final layout. I'm not sure if the traditional Gibson Girl was the best image choice for such bold design elements but it is done now. If we don't take chances we don't grow as artists.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Thank You

Want to thank you for all your wonderful ideas, I tried distressing the ribbon, but for some reason this Michale's $ ribbon was not being cooperative, the brown ink looked green on the ribbon, so that had to go. I put two large eyelets on the side with a piece of brown ribbon through it. I then replaced the original ribbon with wider brown polka dot ribbon and put a thin piece of rust ribbon on top of it. I used one of the small stamps from Papertrey's word set and stamped on the ribbon. I did not use a sentiment as this is one of the cards that I am sending to my niece and I like to leave it open for her to use as she likes. The obvious birthday cards I will use sentiments on but other than that I don't. Thank you again for all your wonderful suggestions really like how this card turned out, couldn't have done it without ya. I just noticed when I uploaded the card that the button ribbon looks crooked, it isn't, really.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Creative Minds think alike

I really had to laugh when I saw your Criss Cross Card. I had just finished packaging up 16 for a class I am doing.

Here is my version.