Friday, October 23, 2009

Does this need something more?

So this is my first submission to this blog and I'm really hoping someone is still around :) Please be gentle.

I've made this card for a swap with the requirement that the colours used be only pink and black. It's one of those cards that grew as it went along and is nothing like the card I originally planned. The main background is alcohol ink. (I don't know if it's my scanner or my monitor but the pink does not seem to have reproduced well - it's quite strong & looks fine.)

Overall I'm not too unhappy about how it turned out. The swirl didn't stamp very well but I'm more concerned about the layout and if it is balanced. I think it needs something on the left but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Actually any suggestions at all for any part of the card would be welcome.



Heather the Mooselover said...

Hi Elizabeth! I think you are on the right track. I like how you matted your images to make them pop.

What if you made your image and sentiment blocks curved (round, oval, etc.)? That might work well with the flowers and scrolls.

Lindy Stamper said...

I actually like it the way it is... if you really want to add something, maybe some sort of 3D embellishment? But like I said, I like the way it is. *shrug*

Kristin said...

Ooh, you are definitely on teh right track. I thought for awhile before deciding that I don't think you're missing something on the left, but your main image is getting sort of lost because of the beautiful drama of the black images at the corners. How about adding a wide border mat behind the main image- maybe in white?? I'll go look again and if I can think of something else I'll be back. Good luck!

Kristin said...

OK, thought of something else... how about along with the wide border mat on the main image, also doing the sentiment in a layered oval which slightly overlaps the main image? Does that make sense?

Leslie Hanna said...

I like Kristin's idea of maybe a wider border on the main image and the sentiment. They need to be 'heavier' to balance out the dramatic black in the flourishes. And maybe overlap the sentiment on the other main image, sticking out a little to the left.

Hmph - I guess I've just repeated what other people have said. :P

Thanks for resurrecting this blog! And come back and show us what you end up with!

Sue Daly said...

I like it as it is but think it would pop more if the image above dream was a different color than pink. The pink kind of fades away into all the other pink.

Leslie Hanna said...

So what did you decide to do? Please update your post with your final project!

Regena said...

I really enjoy all elements of this card. To my unpracticed eye it feels as though the top left stamp is FAR heavier than the bottom right stamp. This reads wrong for my North American 'top left ot bottom right' eye. I feel as though I want you to turn the image 180 degrees and have the lighter image to the top left.
Perhaps a silver or darker pink mat that goes under both of the other mattings.