Thursday, June 26, 2008

Advice Needed on Simple Birthday Card

I'd like to make a simple birthday card for a cousin who is just starting to stamp. She recently purchased the SU Embrace Life stamp set and a full set of markers. She doesn't have much colored cardstock so my thought was to make a card with a white background.

I apologize for the coordinating background but it just faded into the white background when I used that. I can retake the photo with a black background if that will help.

It is difficult to see but I used a Regal Rose Marker to edge all around the card as well as sponging around the main image. It's been so long since I've done a simple card that I'm having trouble deciding if I'm done or if it needs something else.

What is everyone's opinion? Thank you in advance for your ideas!


Heather the Mooselover said...

I like it and I think it is a good example for a newbie. Less embellishment is good here so she can focus on the basics.

Does she have a corner rounder? If she doesn't she might wonder how you rounded the corners.

Leslie Hanna said...

I applaud the use of a white card base. My customers have begged me for a White Card Base Class, but I find it challenging myself! ;-)

Now back to you... I, of course, would tie a ribbon around the seam between the pink and the white. With white grosgrain, she can make it any color she wants, since she has all the markers.

cindy said...

I think the card is great. I too would add a ribbon, because I am an embellishment addict.

Paula said...

Leave it like it is.....

Elizabeth said...

I like it as it is. Sponging always adds depth and emphasis to a card and often provides enough embellishment all by itself.

Any additional embellishment really needs to be kept minimal. My preference would be to go for a row of 3 teeny round brads (or similar - maybe some little diamante or plain stick-ons) in a corner of one of the white layers.