Thursday, September 4, 2008

Help Baby My Card Layout! (updated 9-19)

Updated 9-19-08
I actually finished the card last week and my husband sent the gift today. No big rush... the baby was born 8-30.

I ended up getting rid of the scallop but I lightened up the carriage, brightened it up by adding more DP and while this is by far my favorite card of all time... I'm ok with it ;)

I really like the scallop with the carriage. I have tried this layout 2 different ways but I really don't like either. Is it that the large panel is too overpowering? I just don't know what is wrong so I'm asking the experts (or people who think they are experts!)


Paula said...

Your original idea is great. I would soften the colors a bit, maybe use a lighter blue to go with the blue you used on the buggy. Change the butterflies also to a lighter blue. I would take the white and make that your mat and layer it onto of a lighter blue. I think the brown are fighting with your blue and since it is for a baby you want it to appear soft. You have a great card, I just think the colors are fighting one another.....

Jolie said...

I would not have the white card at all. Just the browns. As well not have the die cut of the carriage.
Keep it simple.

Leslie Hanna said...

I think you should go more blue - like with the ink on the dry-embossed base of the card. Play up the blue instead of the brown. You could always add ... a ribbon! Make it blue, with a bit of brown scrap ribbon tied into the knot.

Hey, you asked.

Brenda said...

I'm with Leslie...ribbon! (HaHa! I think she's starting to convert me!). I would start with a blue background that matched the scallop. Add the main piece with the buggy and add some ribbon of the buggy blue hue. I'd change the chocolate little buggies to the buggy blue and keep the lighter brown one.

I am also thinking of your layout. I like it vertically. Maybe cut down the matted buggy a bit so that the matted word portion is more square and mount this on the left side of the card (same place as now). I'd then cut the top layer on the right so that the back of the card could be seen when the card was closed and mount the little buggies on the back side of the card so that they appear when both closed and opened. I'm not sure if I described it right but the idea is the same as the card I did in a class of first-time stampers.

I love this buggy and the background paper. I'm looking forward to seeing your final creation.

Sue at Stampndaly said...

I agree with Paula. I would use the blue or lighter colors.