Friday, November 21, 2008

Masculine Birthday Card Assistance Needed

Fellow stampers, I need your help!!!! My neighbor (who's close to 82 and a delight) purchases custom cards from me and wanted one for her 25-year-old grandson's birthday. She likes very traditional-type cards and wasn't overly fond of my "Lovely as a Tree" designs in the past so I decided to stretch myself a bit. I think I overdid it and now have need of a bit of some assistance as I cannot stretch my poor brain any further.

She ended up taking this one as she said that he would be much more interested in what was inside the card (a check) than the card itself and so was "happy" with it. I'll say "happy" as she didn't gush over it but when I said that it was only partially done when we were having tea one afternoon and showed it to her, she told me to consider it finished as he would be happier to see the check. I have to admit that her telling me that he would be more interested in the contents than the card took some of the joy out of making it but I'm still thinking about it and want your opinions on how I can improve it. I'll make another with your suggestions and keep it available for another masculine birthday which we all know will occur sooner or later!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


leslie said...

I think it needs something, I agree. Hmmm ... Let's pretend for a moment that ribbon is out of the equation. ;-) After all, it is for a 25-year old guy! What about brads in the corners where you punched the ticket punch, either the larger layer or the cake layer.

OR, what if you printed the sentiment on another piece of card stock and placed it horizontally on the card, under the cake image?

OR, print the sentiment, punch it out, and layer it on a horizontal piece of manly patterned paper?

Elizabeth said...

IF she likes traditional, then I would consider gold edging (either a gold pen or gold card) around the 2 ticket punched layers.

Lynda said...

I would add a colour like pumpkin pie. Or maybe a jumbo bronze eyelet.