Saturday, September 6, 2008

UPDATED - YIKES! He's Backing Into the Driveway...

And his birthday card isn't finished. Believe it or not, my husband's birthday is today and here I was without a card this morning. Fortunately, he went running with his buddies before I woke up and since they were running a 13-mile route (yes, THIRTEEN), I had some time. Turns out that I didn't have enough though as I couldn't figure out how to put the sentiment on. I finally just slapped it on as he was walking in the door.

How can I fix it? Yes, I thought about ribbon, Leslie, but only have 5/8" chocolate chip grosgrain and none of the bows I tried worked. I did have a thought a second ago...maybe natural hemp. I still don't know how to best layer/make the sentiment...HELP!

Thanks to your comments, I've come up with this version.

I'm still not 100% about the shape of the sentiment (feel free to add input as I learn so much from everyone's comments) but I do like this version.

Thank you!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Help Baby My Card Layout! (updated 9-19)

Updated 9-19-08
I actually finished the card last week and my husband sent the gift today. No big rush... the baby was born 8-30.

I ended up getting rid of the scallop but I lightened up the carriage, brightened it up by adding more DP and while this is by far my favorite card of all time... I'm ok with it ;)

I really like the scallop with the carriage. I have tried this layout 2 different ways but I really don't like either. Is it that the large panel is too overpowering? I just don't know what is wrong so I'm asking the experts (or people who think they are experts!)