Friday, November 30, 2007

Updated Kristin Card

I told Kristin I'd post my version of her card. I added a red layer and some green faux stitching around the blue panel. Hey, I still think it is an awesome card (whether or not you like my version)!

I have a craft show tomorrow, so I will be dropping off the face of the cyber-world for a while.... Anyone in Montgomery County, MD - come out to the Bauer Drive Community Center in Rockville and shop till you drop! ;-) [shameless plug, I know.]


Heather said...

Neat CASE! I like what you layered the panel and added the red to tie it in! Good luck with your craft fair.

Kristin Moore said...

Wow, that is perfect Leslie! I love the red layer! Can't wait to redo mine...again, but it'll have to wait until after my camp tomorrow. Thanks so much for posting this!

Tracy said...

I think it's awesome. Very pretty...I love the simple beauty of it. Nice job!