Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy 2008

Well I have been busy trying to complete my niece's order for her 2008 cards, have about 30 of them made so I think I will be OK. Her birthday is January 26th, so need to complete them and mail by the 20th. I need help on this card. I cased the idea for the horses from Beate, she is good, but I don't know something just does not seem right to me with this card. Don't know if the ribbon is too bright for the distressed look of the card or if it needs to go or if I need some embellishment. Would appreciate any help, getting ready to scratch it and start over. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


Leslie Hanna said...

I love the horses! You may be right about the brightness of the ribbon - the white is kinda stark in contrast with the softness of the rest of the card.

What about some antique brass hardware of some kind on the bottom instead of the ribbon? Or chocolate tafetta ribbon instead of the one you used? Also, do you prefer no sentiment?

Jana Weaver said...

Hey Flossie...great card! But I agree...the ribbon is a little bright for the aged look. You could also keep the cutouts and use Hemp to separate between the large central image and the cut outs at the bottom.


Heather said...

3rd vote for stark ribbon.

What about distressing the ribbon with some brown ink?

Paula Kay said...

The card does need a little changing, not much.....I would make the focal image a tad smalle,distress the ribbon by adding some brown ink to it then maybe add a little greeting with Hodgepodge Hardware or brads. Just some different takes on the card.

Kristin Moore said...

I agree about the ribbon- I think your card would be spectacular if you left it off. You are SO CLOSE on this one... hmmm- I'm picturing some natural hemp/twine wrapped a few times around the left side of the main panel (where the horses fade away) and maybe something tied to that like a small tag with greeting or a cool western charm if you have one, maybe just some hardward like was already suggested. Twill might also be a neat rustic look here. Good luck, be sure to post your changes!