Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jumbo eyelet or what??

Hello ladies! Here is a card I have planned for an upcoming Birthday Bonanza Stamp-a-Stack. I am happy with the overall design, but am unsure of the jumbo eyelet. I wouldn't mind leaving it off since I will use up every one but 2 if I leave it (8 people times 3 cards each). However, I think I would like it better with ribbon knotted in it, but that would probably be too much with the ribbon below which I'm not sure I want to give up. Should I just remove it? Or do you like it better than the ribbon below? I've considered a few brads in a row up there instead... I've posted on SCS and not gotten any feedback whatsoever. I know you gals aren't shy so take it away...........


chat said...

i love it with or without the eyelet !!!!

Tracy said...

I love the eyelet. I say keep it! Great job- fab colors!