Thursday, January 3, 2008

Too plain...

Alright, I'll admit I only had 10 mins to make this card. My Mom gave me very little notice to make this card and her only prerequisties were it has to be purple and the lady who's receiving it likes butterflies. So, here it is... purple & butterfly.

I like it enough to re-make it, but what should I add to 'perk' it up?


DannieGrvs said...

I think you're off to a great start. I like the cuttlebugged purple. It's really pretty.

You could cut down the purple layer and add a couple layers behind it. Maybe have a purple layer be your card base, then a thin black layer, and then the cuttlebugged purple layer.

Ooohh, I just went to "my favorites" on SCS and here's a layout that could work for you

Just change the colors to purple. Just an idea!

DannieGrvs said...

oh man, that link didn't work

Let's see if that worked. You'll need to cut and paste it so that you get the entire URL in one line. I hope that works. If not email me and I'll send you the link directly.

Leslie Hanna said...

I like the idea of layers to cut the purple, but do not cover up all that pretty embossing!

For the flutterby, I'd layer it, too. With the stamp set used in Dannie's link, I usually stamp it on a newutral, then stamp it again on a scrap, cut it out and attach it 3-d to the card. It really pops! (like the one in the link.)

If you do not have a stamp, maybe the layers would be enough.

Heather said...

You are off to a great start- I love the texture.

I am going to follow the crowd on this- a darker outline around the butterfly will help it pop.

Brenda said...

I too would put a layer in back of it all. And I think I'd use some black or gold wire to create the antennae (or are they feelers?).

Looking forward to seeing the results!

Paula Kay said...

I would do a layer or two behind the purple. You could go with a darker purple and white then your cuttlebuged image. Now, as far as the butterfly, I would also put a darker color behind it and just trim 1/4" around your butterfly to give it some substance. The poor butterfly is sitting in thin air. The color of your butterfly does nothing by itself. If you choose not to layer the butterfly then change the color so it doesn't blare out at you. Good Luck and Happy STamping