Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chris needs suggestions for 130 Christmas cards!

Our newest member Chris needs some suggestions for her holiday cards. Because Chris is new to blogging, I am posting this for her (at her request!):

"I would like to get some ideas or suggestions on my Christmas card. I
need to send 130 of them so it has to be fairly simple. And quick! I
wanted to use baby blue and either black or chocolate for my cards. I
hope you can give me some ideas. This is a bit outside of my box as I
usually don't like a ton of white space as I have on this card. You
can't see it in the picture but the colored cardstock has pin dots in
the top and bottom."

All supplies Close To My Heart
Playful Flourishes stamp set
Winter Reflections stamp set
Jingle Borders stamp set
Heavenly Blue cardstock and stamp pad
Black cardstock and marker
Or Chocolate cardstock and marker"


Leslie Hanna said...

What if you stamped a few of the snowflakes (not a lot of them) in the upper right quadrant with a lighter color blue? And/or make the brad/jewel in the middle of the circle a color, like a deep red? (Nice design, btw!)

Heather said...

I like the design for the most part. I don't like how the design peeks out from under the "winter wonder" panel. I wouldn't extend the background flourish that far.

Paula Kay said...

Would you consider making your dark strip a little wider. There is just too much light space. Also if you could sponge your dark color around your winter wonder to make it stand out more or even put a piece of dark cardstock behind it. Remove the swirl behind the words so it does not distract. If you want the card to really stand out, layer the light blue onto the same dark color as your strip of dark than has the snowflakes. I understand it would take more cardstock but would give it a little drama. You have done a great job so far. Keep it going.

Jessrose21 said...

I like your design and the baby blue ink, but the "winter wonder" tab sticks out a little much for me. I think it would look more balanced if you just stamped the sentiment onto the card front instead of the tab. I like the concept of the tab, but it's kind of bulky for such a light, airy design. Also, instead of a dark black or brown border, try a cocoa color. It's hard to tell online, but it seems like the dark color takes away from the prettiness of the blue. Maybe it's just a matter of opinion, too.

Leslie Hanna said...

I like jessrose21's suggestion about the tab. Now that I look at the cards again, I think she may have something there. With the sentiment stamped directly on the card, maybe the lower flourish would be a background for it and not appear to be 'sticking out' as some have suggested.

Try changing one thing at a time. Try the sentiment without the tab and see what you think. (And show us! :-))

Kristin Moore said...

Do you need any more suggestions? I really like the layout and placement of everything. It's the colors that are bothering me... since the blue is such a light shade, so close to the white and very soft and whispy looking, the brown/black seem way too contrasting to me. Suggestion: either use a bit of a darker blue for the snow(not much darker), or keep the light blue and forego(sp?) the black/brown and replace with maybe the darker blue? This is where the experimentation comes in. Hope that helps. I'd love to see what changes you make!

Leslie Hanna said...

Hey, Chris - What did you end up with for your final version? I'd love to see it (or them, if you could not decide and ended up with more than one like I would!)