Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Which one? - Updated!

I like this card, but I am not so sure about the layers of punches with the sentiment. Nothing is nailed down yet, but I do plan to put gold brads in the oval to embellish the sentiment.

Then I thought instead I'd "fold down" the corner and use the Round Tab punch for the sentiment instead. Again, it will have gold brads holding it in place.

Which do you like better? Or is there a third option? (Of course there is! LOL!) OMG, I just realized I did not use any ribbon ... yet. ;-)

Here's my updated version:

In addition to sticking eveything down, I put in the brads and added some glitter to the shrimps' antennae. Do you think it will pass muster for a class this weekend?


Jackie said...

I like the top one with the oval better and I also like the idea of the brads on it. I don't know where you'd add ribbon, but perhaps a little sparkle on the shrimp and shells? Very cute idea - love the clams (they are clams, right?)

Heather said...

I like the top version with the oval sentiment- it fits the card better. If you are going to recolor the image, substitute a cool color for the pink.

Leslie Hanna said...

Yes, they are clams. ;-) And I was kinda leaning towards the top one, too, but I just had to try the tab punch, ya know?

I wanted to use Artichoke for the sentiment, but true-to-form for me, both the Artichoke ink pad and marker are allocated to another project. I may substitute Old Olive instead of the Real Red for the sentiment.

I'll play with it some more tonight. Thanks for the feedback!

petronella said...

I love the card,background and layering of paper but not on the sentiment..
What about putting it on the same layer as the clams and popping up a christmas hat with the pop ups?
Fun Fun fun set!

KYLIE S said...

Heather, I actually like the bottom one witht he Round Tab Punch.
Thanks for your comment on my blog !

Heather said...

Good adds- the glitter and brads dress up the card just right!