Thursday, December 13, 2007

Too harsh?

The following is a comment posted by frequent visitor Paula Kay:

"Moderator.....I am still pretty new to this list so I would like to ask some questions.

Am I being to critical? I thing a lot of times the difference between a good card and a great card is layering. It makes such a dramatic difference. I do not wish to hurt anyone or step on toes. I have noticed that most answers do not really take it as far as I do. Am I wrong in doing so.

I want to be a good stamper and truly want honesty on my card critique but maybe I am being to harsh.....

Please.....give some guidelines to all on the list.

Maybe do a questionnaire type post to see what is really wanted or needed? Thanks so very much for your time."


Stamping Critique said...

Paula (& everyone),

I have consciously made a decision not to enforce strict rules or posting guidelines in this blog.

Stamp artists are here because they want to be here. Artists who post their art post art that they feel need some changes. By posting they are taking a "risk" and opening themselves up for feedback from various viewpoints.

Other comments?

Lindy Stamper said...

So, there's always this fine line where people have to feel like they walk on eggshell. But I'd say thus far, the tips and hints are helpful. Whether the card needs layering or add some embellishment, the final decision is made by the artist.

Like Heather said, we are here because we want to be here. If we bother to post here, we already know that we're subjecting ourselves to constructive criticisms. Like I was saying, so far, tips and hints are helpful and I think its because people see the integrity of the card design and have an interest to help to artist to better the design not to change it altogether. I think that is the difference.

Bottom line, be constructive w/ the comments, the final call is the artist's. We are asking what can make the card better, not to be badger. That's all.

Leslie Hanna said...

I agree. Some of like to layer, some of us think every card needs ribbon, some are into bling - what works for one person will not always work for someone else. I think getting different ideas from different people just fuels the creative juices and helps the original artist (we ARE artists, ya know!) make her own decisions on what to change, or not!

We come here for ideas and critique, so we do open ourselves up voluntarily. If I post a card here it is because I want to know what people really think! ;-)

Jackie said...

I agree with the others. If I post a card here I want an honest opinion, not coddling. It helps to have someone else look at my work sometimes and just make suggestions and offer constructive criticism. I think we all get stuck from time to time and maybe all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to solve the problem. So far I haven't seen anything too harsh, so please don't censor yourself on my account, anyway.

Joan said...

Go ahead and be honest with your opinion, but remember that each of us has an opinion and sometimes they differ!

The decision on how to improve a card is finally in the hands of the artist! One person's extra layer is another person's too much. All we can do is carefully provide feedback and then let the original stamper decide how best to incorporate all feed back.

Elizabeth said...

Paula, while I haven't looked at all the comments I've seen a good proportion and I have yet to see any that I considered to be too harsh. I believe that if you are honest in your opinion and phrase it in a positive way then most artists will appreciate it.

All of us have our own experiences and preferences and I believe that if we can respect that when giving and accepting critiques of our work there should be few problems. I offer suggestions for improvement based on my knowledge and personal likes knowing that some ideas will be accepted and others rejected based on the preferences of the card maker. …And that’s how it should be, but that rejected (or unused for that card) idea may also give someone else assistance. Just as no idea is wasted, no comment should go unsaid.

Kristin Moore said...

I think it's a great question that we've probably all considered. It is hard to be totally honest sometimes, especially with someone's art that they have put their heart into. I've seen nothing but positive yet honest critiquing here and have appreciated every comment I've gotten as being helpful, not hurtful! We are all adults and know how to (I assume) be honest while not being hurtful. Thanks for your concern though!

dasimonds said...

An Honest opinion is what helps
us to improve :)